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Band Bio (2008)

"This is what punk is. This is a band that's gonna be around for a long time."
- Lars Frederiksen

A familiar sound in unfamiliar territory. Common beliefs expressed with extraordinary passion. Time Again isn't holding onto shreds of hope. They're tearing down barriers and tackling the issues. They portray the world as they see it. Using the angst driven, attention grabbing sound of punk as their canvas. They paint their songs with lyrical urgency and stunningly graphic storytelling.

Time Again was formed in the summer of 2004, by Los Angeles locals Daniel Dart (vocals), and Elijah Reyes (guitar). Despite the fact that they didn't have a full band, or a single song written, the two spent long hours promoting the band. They plastered up thousands of stickers, and handed out countless flyers. With a growing list of shows being booked, Time Again wasn't fully realized until just days before their first show. Now armed with Brian Burnham (bass) and Ryan Purucker (drums), the band began playing numerous shows in and around LA, performing and perfecting the songs that would make up their self titled EP, released on Rancid Records in June of '05. That album that would receive heavy rotation on several radio stations, including a spot on Fungus 53 XM's - Top 25 Albums of '05. And the EP's closing song "I Go Back", earned a spot on the station's - Top Ten Songs of '05.

2005 also paved the way for Time Again to hone in and continue to perfect themselves as live performers. Taking their melodically driven anthems from the club scene of Hollywood, to sold out venues all over the U.S. sharing the stage and supporting such legendary acts as Social Distortion, The Vandals, The Circle Jerks, T.S.O.L, The Unseen, The Aquabats, and The Adolescents.

In November of 2005, Time Again began work on their highly anticipated full-length debut album scheduled for release in April of '06 on the Epitaph subsidiary Hellcat Records. With over a hundred shows under their belt, Time Again has matured as a band, trading in their often mid-tempo sing alongs, for faster paced and harder hitting tracks. Speeding through 13 songs in under 30 minutes, the album is both haunting and thought provoking. While all the melodies remain strong, and well focused, the songs are gritty and raw and most importantly, true. The album's title The Stories Are True, refers to the fact that all of the songs are based on real people and actual incidents.

Though they have a sound familiar to that of old-school punk Time Again tread on unfamiliar territory by infusing ska influences, and folk style storytelling into their music. Their beliefs may be commonly shared by many but Time Again expresses it with a heart, and passion that's rarely seen in a band their age. If that's truly what punk is, then Time Again will be around for a long time.